Transforming your hand held device into a powerful marketing hub.

In just a short time span, Social Jitney achieved recognition within its domain as premier solution provider for iPhone applications. Over time, we have established and maintained excellent standards in application development on the iOS platform.
It is because we have our own reputation to maintain as we do our clients'. Most businesses do not realize the extent of influence applications can have on their sales, more so if there is no inclination in adapting a mobile strategy.

We are helping to remove BlackBerry's previous association as an exclusive business mobile provider through our contribution—by creating entertaining and engaging BlackBerry applications.

BlackBerry application developers at Social Jitney have always striven to maintain high standards in applications and keep updated with the latest developments in technology. And now they are preparing for the newest BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha with the Smartphone SDK.

BlackBerry App World provides an all encompassing base under 15 categories that include utility services, product sales and marketing, games and social network applications. Social Jitney develops and customizes applications to make them compatible across all carriers.
  • iphoneE-commerce through technical solutions
  • Custom-designed, localized and commercial applications
  • Improved UI with excellent graphics
  • Mobile application testing to ensure smooth operation
  • Innovative ideas for business development
  • Business combined with entertainment for higher user engagement
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Client Testimonial
iOS's constantly evolving ecosystem was not an easy task to manage. We sought SocialJitney's assistance when we were first developing a mobile app and found them to be very helpful in helping us understand what was already out there and how to differentiate.Our project manager was highly communicative and helped us achieve our deadlines for app development...
Shawn Bradford |Marketing Manager
SocialJitney played an instrumental role in the formulation of our mobile strategy by providing critical feedback at each stage of the development process. SocialJitney also made my job a lot easier when it came to explaining our mobile efforts to the management team. They were very helpful post launch as well and made...
Ed Gardo Flores | Digital Producer
We hired SocialJitney to develop an application on Android. We wanted something robust and cutting edge that could also monetize effectively.We wanted to differentiate from other CPG products and ended up creating a flash-based stand-alone quiz application. The visuals were fantastic and everything worked out great.
Tim Rippinger | Digital Planner
As a creative agency, we have the responsibility of catering to a number of brands hailing from different industry backgrounds. We worked with SocialJitney to help us deliver effective digital media solutions for one of our prized clients.We now go to them to develop solutions for all our new clients.
Dam Hymson | Digital Project Manager
As a leading destination for customers seeking car related research, we at Cars. com thought it would be worthwhile to explore the digital landscape to connect better with our target audience. SocialJitney has been instrumental in helping us strengthen our digital presence;
Christine Lau | Executive Assistant
SocialJitney continues to consistently hit tight milestones without sacrificing the quality of their work. Their team is easy to work with, responsive, and detail oriented,quick proto-typing, and ultimately a faster time to market for our applications.
Sean Percivall | VP Product
Thank you again for the successful launch of our catalog app. Your dedication, hard-work, flexibility, patience and professionalism is recognized and appreciated. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure and it showed in the successful. We greatly appreciate your resourcefulness and knowledge of the space.
Shalaina | PM, TOPPS, Inc
SocialJitney helped us create a strong online presence to celebrate 50 years of Amnesty International. We were extremely pleased with the results of all their efforts, serving to provide a unified platform for human right advocates from all around the world.
Mary Cheung | Associate PM